Around the Moon in 28 Days

moonAround the Moon in 28 Days: Lunar Observing for Beginners is a self-paced course that includes notes along, dozens of maps, and illustrations to take you on a tour of the Moon’s surface over each day of the nearly month-long lunar cycle. You’ll learn to find nearly 200 distinct features on the Moon’s surface, all of which you can see with a small telescope during the Moon’s continuous month-long journey around the Earth.

The course comes in five sections of illustrated PDF notes. Click on the links below to download each section.

Section 1: A brief history of the Moon; what you can see on the Moon and how the Moon moves in the sky; tools and accessories for lunar observing.

Section 2: A tour of the Moon from the ‘New’ phase to ‘First-Quarter’.

Section 3: A tour of the Moon from ‘First-Quarter’ to ‘Full’

Section 4: A tour of the Moon from ‘Full’ to ‘Last-Quarter’

Section 5: A tour of the Moon from ‘Last-Quarter’ to ‘New’

Finally, here’s a checklist of the more than 200 features on the Moon’s surface that are covered in the course. Print it out and check off each object as you observe it!