Stargazing 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to Stargazing

This is the download page for the free guide “Stargazing 101: The Night Sky for Beginners”. This 35-page PDF guide takes you through the basics of how the sky moves from day to day and how to find the bright stars and major constellations in all four seasons. It includes on-page maps and diagrams to help you find your way around the major guideposts of the heavens, as well as tips on how to read a star chart.

There’s one guide for northern hemisphere and one for the southern hemisphere.

There’s also a free audio version to download to your audio player so you can listen to these short guides while you’re under the stars.

Simply download the PDF files and print the maps to take outside on your first stargazing ventures. No telescope or binoculars required.

Northern Hemisphere Downloads:

Or listen to the streaming audio here:

Southern Hemisphere Downloads:

Or listen to the streaming audio here:


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