Secrets of Nightscape Imaging – Interview with Alan Dyer

Nightscape of stargazers and the Milky Way through Scorpius and Sagittarius at the Texas Star Party in 2015 (by Alan Dyer)

Nightscape of stargazers and the Milky Way through Scorpius and Sagittarius at the Texas Star Party in 2015 (by Alan Dyer)

I had the great pleasure of recently interviewing the master astrophotographer Alan Dyer of to discuss the basics of nightscape imaging with a digital camera. This sort of imaging, which combines elements of landscape photography and astrophotography, has become extremely popular over the last few years thanks to the advent of large, low-noise sensors in digital SLR cameras. Alan is the author most recently of the multi-media guide called Nightscapes and Timelapses which gives a comprehensive introduction to the art and craft of nightscape imaging.

As you listen to my interview with Alan, you will discover:

  • The advantages of nightscape imaging over astrophotography
  • Why this form of photography allows you to make unique images that suit your talents and interests
  • Which cameras to consider for nightscape imaging (and why you don’t need to pay thousands on a camera)
  • Pros and cons of mirrorless digital cameras for nightscapes
  • Which focal ratios and focal lengths to use with a camera lens
  • How the peculiar nature of nightscape imaging allows you to choose wide and fast lenses that cost hundreds of dollars less than standard auto-focus lenses
  • The elements of an ideal shooting location for nightscape imaging
  • The types of images and vistas that favor urban imagers
  • How to make the best use of moonlight when planning a nightscape shoot, and why even a full Moon can make for a good night of shooting
  • The key exposure strategy that most beginners get wrong
  • The file format you must use to extract the maximum detail out of nightscape images
  • The best applications for processing your work into professional quality images
  • How to create your first timelapse video

You can stream the audio of my interview with Alan Dyer below, or you can download the audio file to your computer, phone, or tablet.

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Nightscapes-TimelapsesWhen you’re ready to go deeper into creating your own nightscape images and timelapse video, you can learn more about his 400+ page e-book. Because the book contains image galleries, audio, and video, it’s currently available only for the iPad and recent Macs. Learn more about the book at this link or click on the image at left.


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