The 2017 ‘Year in Space’ Calendars Now Available


In 1991, stargazer Steve Cariddi walked into a Boston bookstore and noticed most desk calendars were about cats, or puppies, or sailboats. There was not a single astronomy calendar in sight. So he decided to create his own, and in late 1993 he published his first “astronomy and space” desk calendar. He’s been publishing these calendars every year since. And now he’s released the large-format ‘Year in Space’ wall calendar for 2017.

Winner of the NBC News Digital Website’s “Science Geek Gift of the Year” award, this large and colorful calendar is packed with facts and images related to space flight, stargazing, and planetary exploration. It includes a basic summary of major events in the night sky throughout the year, important holidays and dates related to space history, and mini-bios of famous astronomers and astronauts. Unfolded, the calendar is 16″x22″ and it’s more informative and more beautifully illustrated than any other space calendar.

Sample pages from the 2017 Year in Space calendar (click to enlarge in a new page)

Sample page from the 2017 Year in Space calendar (click to enlarge in a new page)

Cosmic Pursuits receives no money from your purchase or for this recommendation. But this is a beautiful and informative calendar, an excellent value, and most of all, I think you’ll enjoy it. It makes a fine holiday gift, and it will look good hanging from your own wall too.

Here is the link to the main web page for the 2017 ‘The Year in Space’ wall calendar where you can learn more:

There is also a superb and compact 136-page ‘Year in Space’ desk calendar available at this link:

One big difference to note in 2017: the ‘Year in Space’ calendars are sold directly by in the U.S. That means the calendars can only ship to U.S. addresses for this year.

Here’s the direct link to Amazon for the wall calendar:

And here’s the direct link to Amazon for the desk calendar:


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