Guide to Choosing Binoculars and Telescopes

The free e-book “Choosing Binoculars and Telescopes for Stargazing” takes you through the basics of selecting a good beginner telescope and a pair of binoculars for visual observation of the night sky. In this 50-page guide, you find out how to select the right stargazing tools for your situation, tools that will let you see thousands of dazzling celestial objects few people ever get to see. In this guide, you discover…

  • Why binoculars are better than a telescope for finding your way in the night sky
  • The best binocular configurations and brands for stargazing
  • Why you don’t need to spend a fortune on a good pair of stargazing binoculars
  • A concise and easy-to-understand primer on telescope terms and concepts
  • Time-tested guidelines for choosing a good telescope to match your budget and interests
  • The 10 things you must know before you invest in a new telescope
  • The pros and cons of the three main types of telescopes
  • Recommendations for first telescopes for new stargazers for a wide range of budgets and situations
  • Must-have (and nice-to-have) accessories for new stargazers

You can download the e-book in PDF and MP3 format at the links below:

Or listen to the streaming audio here:


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