Extraordinary Sights: What You Can See in the Night Sky

You can see much more in the night sky than just stars. From the Moon and rings of Saturn, to comets and meteor showers, from diamond-dust star clusters to swirling galaxies far outside our own, the contents of the night sky visible in a small telescope is as varied as the wildlife in a tropical jungle. In the e-book called “Extraordinary Sights: What You Can See in the Night Sky”, you discover…

  • Features visible on the major planets with binoculars or a small telescope
  • The best meteor showers of the year and how to observe them
  • The two easiest craters on the Moon to see with a pair of binoculars
  • Three celestial objects even new stargazers can see that are linked to the birth, life, and death of stars
  • The critical difference between the two main types of star clusters and how it affects what to look for when you observe them
  • The layout of the Milky Way and the main types of galaxies visible in a small telescope
  • Plus you’ll come to understand the sometimes confusing systems astronomers use to name stars and other deep-sky objects

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