Why Be an Amateur Astronomer


A lifelong amateur astronomer, Al Nagler worked as a professional optical engineer and designed optics for the flight simulators of the Gemini and Apollo space programs. In 1977, he started his own company, Televue, to design and build premium refractor telesopes and eyepieces with the goal of making stargazing easier and more enjoyable for everyone. He is also the inventor of the famed Nagler wide-field eyepiece, an optical innovation that has vastly improved the visual views of the night sky through a telescope.

In a piece written in 2000 by David Levy, Al spoke of his love of astronomy: “Astronomy is the most wonderful pursuit. If we had more amateur astronomers in the world, we’d solve a lot of fundamental problems. The more people who enjoy and understand our place in the universe, the better our own planet will be. And if I am a Pied Piper in this regard, that’s what I want to be.”

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